Friday, April 5, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's Friday! That means I'm linking up with Lauren to tell you my High Five for Friday!

Here are the highlights of my week... well, here are the things I've survived...

1. I survived a track meet with all three of the Grand Boys.
Or... a "Meat Track" as the three year old kept calling it. Thankfully, the meet was indoors.
Yes, they are adorable... and very, very busy.
2. I survived an outdoor track meet... it was 45 degrees & windy.

Next time I will just check the weather myself. I had asked the Stern German (who is a weather report junkie) if I needed boots and a hat. He said, "No."

He was wrong. He was very wrong.

3. I survived my parents' tax appointment! (See here for more details.)

4. I survived the cooking class I put on at the place where my parents live...
From top right, clockwise:  
Some of the gang 
Guacamole stayed green when it was covered with a slice of tomato!
Two pictures of my mother who says she doesn't like guacamole... except, apparently, she does.

5.  I hope to survive accompanying the Angsty Teen on a French horn solo on Saturday...

This may or may not happen. The song is hard... I haven't played the piano seriously in over 20 years... and, did I mention that the song is hard?

That's a pretty brief summary of my week... What did you survive this week?
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