Friday, April 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

Time to give you the five highlights of my week. So, in no particular order:

1. The Stern German went out of town for the weekend!
Okay... maybe they are in a particular order... this is a pretty great one...

But... he went with  one of my best friends...

He went down to the camp in Nebraska that Kati, the Angsty Teen, and I go down to every summer. He'll be helping with some drywall and other stuff in some new bathrooms.

My good friend, Sheryl, is going with him... The camp is on the farm where she grew up.

Dang. I don't get jealous very often... but I am a little jealous.

Not of them spending so much time together... or of her getting time with my husband... seriously, I get plenty of time with him... he loves to sit and talk to me.

I just wish I could spend countless hours over the course of the weekend with Sheryl! Oh, well...

2. We had fun with the Grand Boys on Monday.
I found a use for a big old bag of pinto beans I had in the basement... Think I've had them for 10 years!

3. My dad had a great time celebrating his 83rd birthday.

Seriously, after falling and then having a stroke last year... it's kind of a miracle he ever got out of the nursing home.

I took my dad for a quick workout and then we picked up my mom and went to (really our only good restaurant in town) my favorite Mexican restaurant. His former secretary, Mary Ann, and her husband met us there for lunch.

They are people with whom I love to spend time. Mary Ann really helped me to be more normal than I would have otherwise been. (I think her daughters danced, played cards, and maybe even wore bikinis... Those sluts.)

4. The Angsty Teen's track meet was cancelled.
It was nice to not be out in the cold, rainy weather!

5. School was cancelled yesterday. 
(Sometimes that's a good thing... and sometimes... not so much...)

The Angsty Teen and I ate lunch with my parents and  later in the day we baked cookies...

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  1. haha I love her angsty teen cookie making face. Hilarious.

    83, wow. Happy birthday to your dad!!

  2. Your grandkids are so cute and looks like pinto beans are a hit with them :) Your dad looks so excited in his pics - congrats to him for such a recovery from last year!

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. Ohmygosh! Did YOU get a snow day!?!?!

    Love the birthday pics. He's a cute dad!