Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's Friday... and in some ways it has been an exhausting, bizarre week.

So, as I link up for my High Five for Friday, I want to say that I'm really, really glad that...

1. There are more good people in the world than bad ones.
Yes, there are some awful people out there... but I don't think we could survive in a society where most of the people were horrid. Also good? There are a lot of folks who jump in to help in time of need.

2. I get to go see Kati this weekend!
We're going to cook our own food and mix our own drinks. As much as I love a deal and eating out... sometimes the experience ends up lacking in deliciousness and it still gets pricey even with a Groupon.

3. I had a great time cooking this week... at my cooking class on Wednesday night... and at the cooking class I taught yesterday at the assisted living place where my parents live.
Yesterday, we made truffles! Dark chocolate ones and milk chocolate ones... rolled in pecans, coconut, cocoa powder, or sweetened cocoa powder. They were so good!
Before the class I had my dad cut up cucumber and red pepper slices for him to snack on.... he didn't want them...
Yep, this lady slept through my entire class...
4. We had a fun evening with the Grand Boys!
We don't really ever buy them toys or stuffed animals because their other grandparents seem to buy them everything. It's simpler to just back away instead of trying to compete in that arena.

But on Monday, we found caps that they LOVED... at WalMart, of course...

Spiderman? Yep.
Thomas the Tank Engine? Definitely, yes.
5. Yesterday school got out early due to rain, sleet, and SNOW!!!!

Really???? Snow??? It's APRIL... past MID-APRIL, no less!!!  The Angsty Teen and the Stern German were home for MANY hours together... dang.

The Angsty Teen is supposed to leave to go to a youth conference through our church today... And since I'm supposed to head to Omaha... The Stern German had the Angsty Teen check the weather for her trip and for mine...
The Stern German is a little anal... the the Angsty Teen is a little spastic. This is why I drink.
Hopefully, by the time you read this... the weather will have cleared up... the Stern German will be at work... the Angsty Teen will be on her way to Duluth, MN... and I will not be stranded in Iowa as I head to Nebraska... (I've heard that can happen...)

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Have a great weekend! Check back here on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for:
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  1. Have a good weekend!! Are you coming to the blogger cooking class next Friday??

  2. OMG snow! Ugh!!! And yes I agree that there are so many good, wonderful people in this world!!

  3. Truffles?! That's awesome! Have a great weekend with Kati!!