Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minnesota Springtime

Yes, it's true... Even though the first day of spring was over a month ago, yesterday, April 23, here in southern Minnesota, our schools had a two hour late start... because of snow! 

Pretty sure this tweet is true:

It started on Monday afternoon while the Grand Boys were here...

It was snowing pretty hard when they were leaving...
Lots of big flakes in the 'hood... Sorry, honey, not you...
And, at 5:45 am on Tuesday the phone rang with the call from our superintendent... Yep, he's a busy guy but he personally calls each and every household in the district when there is a late start, an early out, or a snow day.

He's always in a hurry and he never answers my questions... I'm beginning to think it's a recording...

The guy is leaving in a few weeks... for a job in a larger district... maybe this was his last hurrah!

The heavy wet snow was quite beautiful:

By 10:00 am it was pretty wet and slushy... and still quite snowy...

My blog friend Michelle has been good at coming up with things like this over the past few weeks:
 She's definitely had enough of this snow!

She had definitely had enough of this weather...

My dad enjoyed his workout in a brightly lit window... and... yes, people, that really is snow on the ground on April 23... Even in Minnesota that is pretty abnormal!

We Minnesotans are tough, hearty souls... and we will survive... The promise of real spring weather is in the air... ever so slightly. This coming weekend? There is a high in the mid-to-upper 60s projected.

Yeah, we'll see about that... I'm not holding my breath...


  1. I do not envy you. I could not live there. Ever.

  2. Wow this is definitely not something that you see where I live lol

  3. I am so excited for the warmer weather we should have this weekend, but I am not holding my breath

  4. Oh my gosh! It is beautiful with snow covering everything but I love my CA sunshine! Hoping spring comes to you QUICKLY!!

    1. Ooooh that warmer weather BETTER come..I will take nothing less than 70 and sunny this weekend.

  5. haha "we're all losing because it's snowing on april 22" love it. that is seriously a crazy amount of snow for it being spring!! Yuck.

  6. i am really looking forward to warm temps this weekend! it's going to feel so HOT!