Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ship Your Pants

By now you all probably know that anytime I go anywhere with the diabetic, geriatric, bariatric blind guy... or with my mom, for that matter, I carry The Kit with me.

"The Kit" is short for "The Sh*t Kit" and it is full of essential things I need in case a bathroom assistance situation arises. And, bathroom assistance situations arise several times a week. Usually, they are minor... requiring little more than gloves, wipes, and bathroom spray...

Sometimes... well, never mind.

What does this carry-all contain? Well, The Kit contains gloves.... lots of gloves... (I actually keep an extra box of them in the car trunk... not sure you can ever have too many of those things...) and butt wipes... and hand wipes... and Clorox bleach wipes....

The Kit also holds plastic bags for tying up nasty things, hand gel, air freshener, and an extra pee pad for my mom. Also, in case of emergency it also holds Tylenol and glucose tablets. The Kit is packed full... not sure if my flask would fit or not...

Out in the trunk of their car I keep, along with the extra gloves, several pairs of Depends undergarments, and an extra pair of my dad's sweat pants. Oh, and a sheet and a garbage bag.

Because,  maybe, just maybe there might be occasion to wrap someone up in a sheet...

No, not a dead person... just a smelly alive person who might end up being pants-less. Being pants-less would be unpleasant for everyone... for the pants-less person... for me... and for the general population who might be close by to witness said pants-less person.

So... with all of the thought I give to this sort of situation on a daily basis... You can probably imagine how hard I laughed when I watched this commercial for the first time...okay, for the first ten times!


Source: via Sally on Pinterest

When my kids were younger I probably would've thought this commercial was in poor taste. But now... it exemplifies my life.

Pants? Yep. Drawers? Yep. The Bed?

You don't want to know.


  1. LOL, I actually thought of you when I saw this! Great minds, I guess!

  2. oh my gosh that commercial is funny!! The kit, that's just genius.

  3. hahaha i JUST watched this on another blog! SO FUNNY!