Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Last week Kati did a Throwback Thursday blog post. I thought this looked like a fun linkup... I mean, really, I'm seriously old compared to most of the bloggers I follow... think of all the dozens and dozens of years of photos I have to go through.
I could probably do a "Throwback Thursday" post everyday for about ten years...

But... for now, I'll do one... I'm going to show you a picture from my high school graduation... yeah, that was a couple of years ago... well, okay a little over 30 years ago. Wow... I'm feelin' old.

Anyway.... here I am:
Wow... such a baby....
Here's a little bit about my high school experience:

  1. I was captain of the volleyball team.
  2. I was head cheerleader.
  3. I was homecoming queen.
  4. I was valedictorian.
  5. I went to a private, Christian school.
  6. There were only 13 in my graduating class... eight girls and five guys...
  7. We couldn't dance (sinful).
  8. My parents wouldn't let me go to movies (also sinful). (I think my senior year I finally got to go to G-rated movies... One night my friends all went with me to Song of the South... remember "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"?... Those were some good friends.)
  9. Our family didn't play cards, either... except Rook... I called it Baptist Poker.
  10. I went to school with a lot of juvenile delinquents and not-so-normal kids...

Nice, modest, long skirts... oh, and long sleeves... and turtlenecks.
The boys just lusted after our calves... while we shook our pom poms.
I'd like to think I turned out fairly normal in spite of all of that... 

One day, a few years ago, my mom said, "Why did that Debbie girl always pick her nose? And why was she so weird? Didn't she know she wasn't normal?"

I said, "She thought she was normal..."

My mom said, "What?"

"Well," I said, "she thought she was normal. Everyone thinks they're normal... I think I'm normal. You think you're normal..."

To which my mom replied incredulously, "You mean I'm not?!"

Exactly my point.

Maybe I didn't turn out as normal as I think I did...


  1. I went to a christian high school too and we couldn't dance until my junior year, and when they started playing music I couldn't believe the song choices bc they were certainly secular! Love the throwback pic! Thanks for linking up! New GFC follower

  2. I cheered at a private Christian school too.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. oh my gosh, those cheerleading uniforms... amazing

  4. lol those cheerleading uniforms are quite different from the uniform I wore during my stint as a cheerleader in high school. Those uniforms you guys have on actually remind me of the uniforms from Sweet Valley High, which I was OBSESSED with as a teen.