Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I remember when my kids were little and they would cry over things... silly things... things that made no sense to me. Kati wasn't as emotional of a child as the Angsty Teen... so I don't remember her crying nearly as much.

The Angsty Teen is still more of an emotional child... but she's pretty much outgrown the crying.

My parents still remember one of my friend's sister when she was a toddler/preschooler. They remember that she just cried... all the time... for no reason. Her mother told everyone that they thought she got dropped on her head...

Well, I came across this Tumblr thing... would it be called an account? I don't know anything about Tumbler... but this dad takes pictures of his sons when they are crying... and matter-of-factly describes the situation which caused the outburst... It looks like it's mostly the younger son...

I scrolled through the posts and read the dad's descriptions. They are hilarious... Kind of like when you find yourself, as a parent, saying things like, "Don't lick the floor." and "No, you can't mail a popsicle to grandma."

Sometimes the most ridiculous things make kids cry...

I should've taken pictures of the Angsty Teen whenever she would cry... Wait, maybe I did... there are probably a few dozen rolls of undeveloped films around here... I might have to look for them and take them in to WalMart to get them developed...

Click on the picture below... it might take you to the dad's site... if it doesn't it will probably take you to my Pinterest page of funny stuff... then click on the picture again... maybe then it will take you to the site...

Hope your day has less tears than this little guy's!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL! I think if this child had been my first, he certainly would have been my last!

  2. Apparently his Dad has more patience than me.

  3. omg those are really hilarious!

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  5. That is a pretty pitiful face! But cute at the same time!

  6. i just recently came across this site and after reading it, it makes ME wanna cry! haha