Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So last week I survived the seven hour tax appointment trip with my parents... Unfortunately, my mother forgot her damn hearing aid. I'm pretty sure she didn't forget it on purpose...

I usually check on that before we go to any morning appointments... but... since we didn't leave town until after lunch, I assumed that base was covered... and I didn't check.* Double damn.

It was a long day... and without her hearing aid... I'm pretty sure it made the day seem even longer... maybe even longer than listening to a squeaky clarinet quartet...

Here are a few snippets of conversations from our day:

Trying to make conversation... before I realized there wasn't any hearing aid in place:
Me: Did you enjoy your lunch?
Mom: My what?
Me: Your lunch.
Mom: Bunch? Bunch of what?
Me: (Trying a different approach...) What did you choose for your lunch entree?
Mom: Oh, I had the chicken. We had pie for dessert.
Me: Was it good?
Mom: What?
Me: Did you enjoy the pie? Was it Key Lime? (I'd seen the menu.)
Mom: It was okay. Betty Lou didn't like the Feline Pie.

Yeah, not sure any of us would like Feline Pie...

As we were driving into Rochester, a town where my parents lived for over 50 years, but moved away from 2 1/2 years ago:

Mom: Look at those big apartment buildings... Those are new.
Me: I don't think they're new. I think Jan or Valerie lived there.
Mom: Who?
Me: Janner or Valerie, your nieces... I think one of them lived there when they lived in Rochester.
Mom: Who?
Mom: (Thinks for a second.) No, they don't live here anymore.

Yeah, you're right... they both moved away over five years ago... Just shoot me in the face... it would probably be a lot less painful than this.

My dad hollers to my mom:
Dad: What time is our tax appointment?
Mom: What?
Dad: What time is our tax appointment?
Mom: Why would I need to get my jacket fixed? It's fine.

This was a day with both of my folks... a day with no hearing aid in (my mother)... no pants-peeing (my father)... and no shatting of the bowels (either of them!).  So, I know it could've been a lot worse.

That's probably enough for now... but, yeah... that's a glimpse into my sad life. Is it too early to drink?


*And you know what they say about assuming... you shouldn't do it.


  1. I get it, lol! And....if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane!

  2. Honestly this is the way phone calls with my mother go EVERYDAY!! It's so frustrating!!!

  3. Thanks for the visit and the comments. Since I wear hearing aids, I can relate to this post, and my children can relate to your frustration, I'm sure. However, remember, it is also frustrating from my side (and your mom's.)