Friday, May 3, 2013

High Five for Friday!

I think this has been a good week... Taking time to sit down and come up with my five highlights is probably a good thing to do... It makes me think about the positive things. Let's see...

1. We had fun with the Grand Boys on Monday.

2. My parents helped me plant some starter seeds.
a. My mom helped roll seed pots out of newspaper.
b. My dad just sat there while my mom rolled... and I looked longingly at the wine bottle...
c. Ta-da! They are magically done!

d. That guy loves a good photo op.
e. I found a perfect "greenhouse" for the the sunny back window of my folks' car. 

But then...
3. Spring was VERY short-lived this year...
It snowed on Wednesday, and
we had a two hour late start on Thursday.

Apparently, spring was long enough for the Angsty Teen to forget how to dress for winter!

4. The Stern German is gone hunting. 
The Stern German's best friend is coping with this bit of news in his own way....
Gotta light?
I'm dealing with it in my own way, too.
I'm not feeling nearly as sad.... BAHAHAHA!
5. The Angsty Teen is surviving her crazy week.
With track practices and a meet... and Variety Show practices and performances.... she still finds time to:
  • Drink her pineapple juice... (Really? You need that to keep your voice? Your voice will never, ever, ever go away... trust me... I've prayed for that to happen.... just kidding... maybe not.
  • Practice her sexy poses for her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pics... Work it, girl.

That's my week! I'm enjoying the Stern German's absence... even if it means I have to spend time in the garage with the dog...

Totally worth it.

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  1. Those boys are too cute for words! And that drink looks absolutely delish!!!

  2. I have to admit, I do love the angsty teen shots. That girl cracks me up!
    What is in that drink?! It looks pretty and delicious.

  3. I hate that mother flipping nature has not realized that it is MAY and winter is over?!?!

  4. Is that a photo of your house!?!?! I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! So cute.

    Yes, some of my kiddos wore shorts this week too!