Friday, May 10, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's been a crazy week... but I think they all are like that. I've been unusually tired... but I've made it through until Friday... and now I'm gonna tell you about the five highlights of my week:

1. The Angsty Teen's rash from amoxicillin is FINALLY going away... poor kid.
I think she got one bump for every time she lipped off to her mother over the past year ...
2. I went rollerblading a couple of times... and didn't injure myself!
It is probably my favorite thing to do outside... other than drinking margaritas on the porch.
3. We survived a three hour Activities Awards presentation at the high school!
     a. The Angsty Teen received this Major Award:

    b. The Stern German folded a box out of the program for this bored boy to replicate.
    c. The picture in the middle is the kid's first attempt... after getting frustrated and crushing the paper.
    d. He really crushed it on his second try...

4. The Stern German helped me get my bike into a repair shop!
They are going to fix all that ails that bike....
5. We did not have to be at a long track meet last night: 

The meet was cancelled... but the Angsty Teen forgot to hit the "send" button on her phone when she was letting me know that her track meet was cancelled. We were just a few minutes away from the town when she figured out she hadn't told us.

The Angsty Teen was back home working at the junior high track meet... and we were an hour away from home... Dang.

Mistakes happen... it could've been worse... (At least we didn't have to wait outside for 2-3 hours in 50 degree, windy weather waiting to watch her throw discus and shot.)

The Stern German and I made the best of it... We got a DQ treat (a much better Blizzard to have in Minnesota in May than the one we had last week!) And drove back home again.

That was some of my week. Tonight we have a jazz band concert to attend. If we are feeling extremely vindictive about the brouhaha from last night... the Stern German and I might get up and do a little swing dancing...

We would be the only ones dancing... (Maybe someone else will join in... eventually...) That shouldn't be too embarrassing for the Angsty Teen...

After all... we look pretty good doing the same eight moves over and over and over and over and over...

I'd better go pull out my dancing shoes.

This could be fun.

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  1. Oh man, Thatcher got that rash from amoxycillin a couple months fun! It was his first time having a reaction. What about your daughter?