Friday, May 17, 2013

High Five for Friday!

The weekend is nearly here! This is the day when I link up to tell you the five highlights of my week:

1. On Monday I had the littlest Grand Boy all day... his brothers joined us for the evening.
The cute, little guy on the right? He has his big brother's cap. 
Behind him? That's his big brother coming up the slide to get his cap!
He looks mischievous!
We had a good day.

2. We didn't have any award nights OR track meets this week!!!!
But tonight we have a band concert...

3. With fewer activities, we've been able to spend a lot of time on yard work.
We are on the three year plan for a graduation open house!
See all those weeds at the top of the pic? They are history!
4. The stuff I ordered last week arrived!
Two new bras from... Zappos. (Who knew?) and a diaper bag from Land's End:
Mine doesn't say "Hannah"... in fact, I didn't get anything on it
because I didn't know what to get.
This bag is summery and cute... and it will fit perfectly on the back of my dad's wheelchair... and hold lots of stuff! Hopefully I won't ever need to use the changing pad...

5. Supper last night? Pizza and beer.

Well, the Angsty Teen didn't have beer... But that's a combination I really like. 

We spent all our time working in the yard to take out weeds and put down Preen before it rained last night... and this was our fantastic supper. So good. 

Tonight is the band concert I mentioned... yay. After this we just have one more concert left...

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  1. That's one super cute grandson you have (but I'm sure you already know that!) Great idea on the 3 year plan!...if only I could think that far in advance ;) and that pizza on the right is just my kind! Found you at H54F!
    Eva @ Snappee Turtle

  2. Pizza and of my faves! Happy Friday!

  3. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!

    And pizza and beer combo is obviously one of my favorite things, so I give you two thumbs up for your yummy dinner! :)

    Have fun at the concert!


  4. Your flowers are so pretty! Nothing sounds better than pizza and beer... best combination ever!