Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Looking Good

Looking good is tricky business... well, it is for me... especially as I get older... and older... and older... 

Getting out the door seems to take a little longer than it did just a couple of years ago, because it seems to take more and more makeup to make me look passable.

Here are some words of wisdom about makeup, hair, and fashion... via Pinterest, mostly.

You should probably use it... at least in some way, shape, or form... but...
Source: via Sally on Pinterest
Sometimes I leave the house without much makeup... but I think I probably look a little better than Honey Boo Boo's mom.

Styles come and go... Bangs? Some people look good with them... and some don't. Also, it depends on the cut of the bangs... clearly.

Source: via Sally on Pinterest

See, Kati? I might not have always gotten you the best haircuts as a child... but I'm pretty sure your bangs always looked better than that kid's.

If you have older kids... especially fashion-conscious ones... or fashion-savvy friends...Take them shopping with you... Ask them what you should wear.

Both Kati and the Angsty Teen do a great job of finding clothes for me when we go shopping.

There are still a few things in my closet that they won't allow me to wear... but maybe... just maybe... someday... they will be in style. (I'd say "again" but my girls would want to argue if they ever were in style.)

Do you shop at A&F? Clearly, I don't... my butt's too big... and even if it was small enough... I'm definitely not cool enough to wear their clothing...

But, then again... not so sure he is either...
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Anyway, that's what I know... I'd better go start putting my makeup on... it takes a while...


  1. Haha!! My mother has a better sense of fashion than I do, I let her buy me things all the time.
    Tara is going sky diving saturday, they told her to wear yoga pants. So her yoga pants are going skydiving before they ever go to yoga!

  2. oh no NOW... you mention honey boo boos mom! you will get TONS of hits now fo sho!