Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Searching for Something?

Do you ever wonder how people find a blog? I know quite a few of you read Kati's blog... Since she mentions me occasionally... that's how some of you found me.

Some of you are people I know in real life... but only a small handful because hardly anyone in my town knows that I blog. I'm okay with that. Because... this isn't really all that nice...

I have a few fellow Minnesota Bloggers whose writings I read... and some of them read what I write... We're all pretty nice... Minnesota Nice... so we read each others blogs and comment frequently... But that's easy to do... because I've met a bunch of them and I really like them.

Sometimes it's fun to go on to my Blogger home page and see what my traffic sources are...

This is the number of people who found Splash of Whine by searching for each of these phrases in the past week:

splash of whine blog

a splash of whine

splash of whine

a splash of whine blog

little sister someecards

a splash of whine

a splash of whine blog

chicken and black bean lettuce wraps

froot loop shot with rumchata

is the fat man on splash blind

Most of them relate to the name of my blog... Little sister someecards? I had one of those on here once.

Chicken and black bean lettuce wraps? I've talked about that.

Froot loop shot with rumchata? I know I've mentioned Rumchata... but...

"Is the fat man on splash blind"... huh. That's an interesting one.

Are they talking about Louie Anderson? No, he's not blind... but for some reason that search linked up to my blog... (diabetic, geriatric, bariatric, blind guy? That's not quite the same thing.)

This was in  there last night:

honey boo boos mam is butt ugly

Pretty sure I never commented on "honey boo boos mam" ( or mom... I've heard it both ways)... but, apparently, that's a way to get to my site.

Another good one? 

silk panties

Someone a while ago searched for "silk panties"... not sure that's ever been mentioned on this blog. Well, I mean... now it has been, so people should be able to find me that way... yay.

If you are a blogger what are some of the ridiculous searches that have led people to you?

I'd really like to hear!


  1. i love checking my stats from time to time to see how my blog is found! haha

    "is the fat man on splash blind" & "silk panties"