Monday, May 13, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I had a good Mother's Day weekend. My girls love me and think I'm great... yay!

The Good: We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant on Saturday night...
The Bad: These two can drive me a little cray cray.
The Ugly: The only thing that would've made it better was if Kati had been with us!

The Good: We got a few things done around the house this weekend.
The Angsty Teen helped me with a little bit of dusting... 
She wasn't amused by my surprise at the fact
that she still fits thru that opening...
In her slightly concussed state, she quickly forgot
that she wasn't amused by me...
and the Stern German put up the rails for my pans and lids!
Yeah, no more pans in my ovens!
The Bad: When cleaning or doing projects we never get as much done as I hope or expect.
The Ugly: The Angsty Teen took down my three snowball lights. 
I kind of forgot they were in the window...  It's probably my fault that it snowed just 1 1/2 weeks ago.
The Good: I spent time at my favorite gift shop on Saturday.
The Bad: I loved this chair! I need to replace a couple of chairs in the next few years...
Kind of pricey...  not everyone's style... but it makes me smile!
The Ugly: I used some of my Christmas gift certificate to buy this wooden wall hanging...
No, the sign isn't ugly... but by the time I'd had it for just 24 hours... nine of which I was sleeping/napping, six of those I was teaching Sunday school/at church/at dinner with my family/running errands... two of those I was working in the kitchen...

I'd already caught myself looking at the sign for encouragement a couple dozen times! Dang.

So when my life is crazy... and I'm exhausted... or overwhelmed... (so, every single day is what I'm saying... ) I can look at this sign... take a deep breath... 

and head to the basement for a glass of wine...  Good plan.

So, how did I fare in completing the list I wrote about last week of what I wanted for Mother's Day?

1. Rollerblade without dying. (Yep... did that... THREE times!)
2. Have the Stern German get the rails up in my kitchen for my pans.  DONE!
3. Have the Stern German haul my bike to a neighboring town to be repaired. It will be ready this week!
4. Get a pedicure at a place where they won't hurt me and make me bleed. Well, I got a pedicure... but it wasn't great... She cut me... I bled... and it hurt. Dang.
5. Get rid of all my gross, old dishrags and replace them with the ones I love. YEP!
6. Drink Mimosas. WELL... Since there wasn't anyone to drink them with... I skipped it... If I drink an entire bottle of Champagne alone... it is kind of like a colon cleanse... not a good thing. But I did have a few margaritas and some other good stuff to drink over the course of the weekend!
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  1. I saw the margarita and knew this had to be a GOOD weekend!

  2. Hahaha that photo of the two of them together, they look so much alike. You're going straight to Heaven for that you know. So is my mom, for dealing with me and my dad!
    I'm glad you got your rails up!!

  3. That chair is the shit! HAHA @ Stephanie's comment about the AT and the SG looking alike. Sucks to suck, AT!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Yay for house projects!!!!!

    I like the chair too!