Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Okay, in honor of Throwback Thursday... I'm gonna hunt up a picture of my mom from days gone by....

This picture was from about 13 years ago... the Angsty Teen looks to be about 3 years old... that means Kati is about 11 years old...

My mom? Well, I actually have a lot of pictures with her eyes closed. I've finally figured out that it's best to count to three... but take the picture on "two" so her eyes are still open.

And, to go along with that, I'm gonna give you a couple funny things she has said lately...

We were talking about Greek food earlier this week. They had Greek Chicken on the menu for lunch... but since it was the menu option that was brought over from the adjoining nursing home I was pretty sure it wasn't worth ordering...

As we were talking about Greek food... my mom brought this up:

Mom: What was the name of that Greek restaurant we liked before we started going to Zorba's?
I was pretty sure she meant the name of the place she liked before she started going to Nupa... and that place was Zorba's.
Me: I think you mean...Zorba's?
Mom: Yeah, that's it... Zorba's!

A week or so ago when it was a warm morning... and going to be in the 80s in the afternoon, I lowered the temp on her air conditioner.
Me: I lowered the temp on your air conditioner to 70.
Mom: Oh, good. What did you lower it to?

This is pretty common. I've kind of figured out she only hears the first main phrase of any sentence. Prepositional phrases, be damned... or not heard... same thing.


Me: The Angsty Teen has tryouts for band today with her French horn.
Mom: What instrument will she use?


Me: I brought you some grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables for you to heat up for supper.
Mom: What's in the container with the chicken?

Oh, well... I am used to repeating things... Maybe I should just learn to speak in shorter sentences...

Wait, that doesn't always work either...

When I left her place the other day I said, "See you later, alligator!"
To which she cheerfully responded, "After 'while cock-a-deeky!"

Not sure what a cock-a-deeky is... sounds a bit risqué!

Go, mom!


  1. That is HILAAARIOUS... I'm going to have to try the "see ya later" one with her sometime...

  2. Ohmygosh - you look sooooo different! too funny! I think you look younger now :)