Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Turn Your Head and Cough

I'm trying to type this... it's TUesday night... I keep coiughing and coughin g and coughin... and I know I'm typing htis all wrong... but I'm trying to type it quickly before i have to cough again... and sometimes when I cought I hit the wrong keys and type all goofly.

I cought all day... and i've coughed all night the past gfew night... but not enough to make me get up and take serious drugs... just enoughto keep me form sleeping wheel.

Sipping liquids helps... well, not sipping water or tea... those didn't help at all... but sipping a glass of wine seemed to help a little ... and look... the more I talk about sipping wine, the better I seem to be typing. I was born to drink wine.


THis is a time for some serious medicine apparently. (Yea for spell checker... it has correctec a multeitude of errors... well, not every one, apparently.)

As bedtime approaches I'm starting to get sleepy and starting to cough mroe and more...  NyQuil? Benedryl? I'm not sure wat tto take.... maaybe just another glass of wine... but really.

I know alcohol can't solve my problems... but...


  1. Feel better! Scotch always warms me up when I have a cold!

  2. Sounds like you need a hot toddy. A little rum, honey, lemon, and hot water. It surely will help soothe that cough and enable sleep. Hope you feel better soon.