Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Want for Mother's Day

No Throwback Thursday pictures... because nothing was working out... oh,well...

I love being a mom. I really do. Today on the radio there was a station that wanted you to call in and share your best "mom" moment. Hmmm... there's no way I could do that. There's too many of them. 

Every age and every stage is fun.  I love where we've been and I love the stage I'm in with each of my girls right now. I really enjoy visiting Kati in Omaha and spending time with her as an adult, and I really like hanging out with the Angsty Teen... when she isn't angsty.

So, what do I want for Mother's Day? I'm not exactly sure.
Just found out this house is for sale in town. It's one of my favorites. The third floor has a ballroom. Dang.
Not in the budget.
I did make a small list of stuff I would like to do sometime this week in honor of Mother's Day:
1. Rollerblade without dying.
2. Have the Stern German get the rails up in my kitchen for my pans.
3. Have the Stern German haul my bike to a neighboring town to be repaired.
4. Get a pedicure at a place where they won't hurt me and make me bleed.
5. Get rid of all my gross, old dishrags and replace them with these:
I love these dishcloths!!
6. Drink Mimosas!

I'll let you know how it goes... I already went rollerblading twice without dying. Actually, dying is the least of my worries... I'm more concerned with injuries... So far, so good.

On Sunday I'll spend half of the day with my own mom... and dad. I'll pick up some fun things for my mom... She loves biscotti... and popcorn... and... oh, I'd better pick up a fancy, schmaltzy card. She likes that sort of thing.

I will teach preschool Sunday school, see my mom for church and dinner on Sunday... and then after that? Maybe it will be time for a those Mimosas... I'll bet they'll still taste great in the afternoon.


  1. I mean really? Is there anything better than ecards? They just make my day and I hadn't seen a couple of these!

    The May giveaway for a new blog design ends tonight at midnight! Our Journey

  2. Please either buy that house ORRRR go look at it and take pics of that ballroom! LOVE!

  3. Your plans sound kind of perfect! Have a great Mother's Day!

  4. Haha yesss you need mimosas! I hope you get everything on your list.
    Including a house with a ballroom.

  5. "Get a pedicure at a place where they won't hurt me and make me bleed." why is this so hard to come by??

    and #6- ye please!