Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's In a Name... Part 2

I had a few comments from you all about your grandmothers' names yesterday... Kathryn, Louise, Esther, Angela, Helen, Hazel, Frances, and Mable... Oh, and a Penny... still trying to find out how old she is... that sounds  like a pretty young grandma name!

Some of you were named after your grandmothers... mostly middle names... But, it seems to have worked out okay for you... Well, maybe not, too.
My grandmothers were Florence and Leatha. When Kati was born I thought of naming her after one of her great grandmothers. Florence? Well, no. And, considering the fame of Flo from Progressive... it would've been an interesting choice.

And, I had friends in high school that would say "Aunt Flo came for a visit last night." and they would be glad they weren't pregnant... so... yeah, probably not a good choice for a name.

Leatha? Well, let's go with that for a minute. Leatha was a very sweet, kind woman. She was great. But... the problem was that my last name back then... and, hence, Kati's last name started/starts with an "S".

Let's try a few examples, shall well. Leatha Swanson... Leatha Severson.... It kind of sounds like you have a lisp... and the girl's name is Lisa... so... Leatha Thwanthon... or Leatha Theverthon... Again, probably not a good choice.
Kati's paternal great grandmothers were Iva and Gertrude... 'nough said. Although... Gertie could've been a cute name for a child...

Probably the worst name imaginable would be if my father had gotten his way when I was being named. His name is Quintin. He thought a great name for a daughter would be his name with an "a" added to the end of it...

Yep, Quintina... Tina for short. My mom didn't cross him very often... but, thank you, Jesus, that she held firm in the belief that the name Quintina wasn't all that great.

Her choice? She wanted to name me Sally... After a favorite childhood friend.

Well, that sounds like a good reason... or at least it sounds like a better reason than the real one...

She really wanted to name me Sally after her favorite childhood dog. Really? 



  1. My dad was so convinced I'd be a girl that he told my mom that, if I happened to be a boy, he would call me Timberwolf. TW for short. My mom wanted Paul. Pretty glad I'm a girl! And they went with Sara - short and sweet! Though my mom wanted my middle name to be Olga, after my dad's mom, but then my initials would have been SOB - thankfully my dad stopped that one!

    I kind of like Quintina - maybe Kati should keep that one on the back burner for an option! :D


  2. bahahaha.....Ooh, your daughter dodged a bullet with, Flo!

    The more I keep saying those older names over and over, the more they grow on me. My co-worker has a niece named Greta and at first I was like...ooh, feel sorry for her! But, now it's totally grown on me and one of my fav names!

  3. Hahaha I am so glad you went with Kati! I'm sure she is too. Quintina? Wow. Sally is much better!

  4. HA!!!! I like the very small font. I still see it though!!!!!!!!

  5. Names in my family tree - Mamie Ellen; Elsie; Florence!; Callie (can you tell we're from the South?!)