Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's in a Name?

My parents are getting kind of old... but even though they are both about 83 years old... they are the youngest residents in the place where they live. - Sorry you have to scroll so far down the menus on websites to choose your birth year.

Last year while my dad was in the nursing home for over four months recovering from a stroke... I realized that people have a lot of interesting names in both of those places...

Some of the more "normal" names are Emily, Sally (very normal), Patricia, & Anne.

A few typical older lady names were Dorothy, Rose, Delores, Betty, Donna, June, Lucille, Mildred, Lorraine, & Lillian.

There were different ways of spelling Mabel/Mable (Whenever my dad heard someone say her name he would recite a risqué poem:
Mable, Mable, get off the table,
The quarter's for the beer.

I think Mable in the poem was dancing on the table? Stripping? I have no idea...

Some of the more unique names? Wilma, Blanche, Annola, Elaine, Marvel, Florence, Betty Lou (my dad calls her "Dumb Dumb" and "Yum Yum"... I don't think he's a fan), Leona, & Thelma...

One lady who lives there has a daughter with an unusual name... well, I guess her name is unique also... it's Melba. But, I can't remember her daughter's name.

It's Jer-something... I know I heard her tell someone her daughter was named after her nationalities... She was German and her husband was... well, if I could remember that, I'd remember her name.

Irish? Gerish?
French? Gerfrench? or Gerench?
Spanish? Gerspain? Gerain?
Italian? Gertaly?
Polish? Gerpole? Probably not...

I have no idea... But I do know...

In about 20 years the place will be filled with Jennifers, Karens, & Lisas.

In about 40 years there will be lots of Megans & Makaylas.

In about 80 years? There might a few named Katniss, Isabella, Avery, Pippa, & Harper...

What are some other new-ish names I didn't list? What are/were your grandmothers' names?


  1. is it wrong if I totally do a "grandma" test with names? You really want to be saying Grandma Krystal? I suppose then you default to the last name, but... it's important that a name doesn't sound ridiculous as they grow up. haha

    1. My daughter Alexa has a newer more modern name...and Lillian is named after my great-aunt and rocks the 'older' generation name.

      My grandma's names were Kathryn (Katie) and Louise. Great-Grandma's were Angela and Esther, Helen and Hazel.

  2. My grandmothers were Frances and Esther. One of my great-grandmothers was named Mabel. There must have been a shortage of names because all three have the same middle name, Irene, as does my mother, Janet Irene. Unfortunately she passed the middle name on to me, Kelly Irene.

    1. Now that you say that... there is a Fran at the nursing home. She's married to Stan and they're adorable. Her name is probably Frances. So... will you give your kids (girls!) that middle name? That's not a bad middle name... apparently everyone liked it!

  3. My middle name is after my grandmother. I hate it. Well, no one is too fond of her, that's probably why I hate it. It's Helen. Ick.

  4. My grandma is named Penny...her moms name wasn't nickle though ;)