Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's That You Say?

If you've read this blog for a while you know that I spend a lot of time with my elderly parents.

Sometimes my days are totally exhausting... sometimes they just make me want to drink... well, those might be are the same days... other days are less tiring. (Who am I trying to kid?)

Anyway, here's a glimpse some time I spent with my mother last week:

1. Look into my eyes.
I took my mom to a doctor's appointment. It was in our town, so that was good.

Before we left for the apartment my mom was standing in front of me... starring at my boobs. Finally she asked, "Are you wearing your new bra?" "Um.... yeah," I said.

"I can tell," she said... still starring at my boobs. (Beverly, look at my face.... you're worse than the Stern German.)

2. What's in a name.
We arrived early, I dropped my mom off at the front door. I went and parked the car.

When I walked in, she was being checked in at the front desk. "Which doctor are you seeing today?" the lady asked my mom. My mom said, "Dr. Dumer. " The lady looked puzzled. My mom tried again, "Darmer."  The lady continued to stare quizzically at my mom. "Dr. Dettler?" she tried again.

She got it right enough on the next try. (Really? Don't ask older ladies that question. Ask them something they knows for sure... like their name and date of birth... well, hopefully they'd know those answers...)

3. That's not my name.

We sat in the waiting area and chatted for a few minutes while she waited for them to call her back. Finally they called her name. "Beverly," the nurse called out.

My mom didn't hear her. I got up. "Where are you going?" she asked me. "They called your name."

"Oh, I thought they said Chevrolet!" (Because... that makes sense.)

4. Something's fishy.
We got back to the exam room... this picture is on one of the light panels on the ceiling:
"What is that?" my mom asked me.
"It's a clown fish," I replied.
"Is that a bird?" she asked.
No, but you were really close.

5. She's not nuts.
The nurse took her blood pressure and pulse. Her pulse was 58... my mom seemed really surprised by that number. I asked her about it. "You seemed surprised by that number. What does your pulse usually run?"

She looked at me with wide eyes and said, "It's usually about 60!" Yes, because that is so different...

6. The List
My mom had brought a list of things to talk to her doctor about. The list had about eight things on it. When she was reading the list to the doctor, she stopped after about six things.

 I said, "Don't you have more things on your list?" To which my mother replied in a stage whisper, "I don't want her to think I'm neurotic!" Fair enough.

So, that was the first part of the appointment. My mom's hearing aid battery died after that... and
it kind of went downhill from there. (Maybe I should carry a spare battery for her in The Kit.)

The doctor would answer a question... and my mom just smiled and nodded. "Did you hear her answer?" I asked. "Not a word!" she replied with a smile on her face. (Were you going to ask her to repeat the answer/???)

It was a long morning... but, my mother is very sweet... and she is kind... and it's nice to spend a little time with just her.
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  1. hehee these posts about your parents make me giggle :)

  2. My eyes are tearing I'm laughing so hard right now. "is that a bird?" "Not a word!"
    My mom totally did the same thing about my bra two weeks ago. Told me she knew it was new because they looked higher than usual. Sigh.

  3. Hahaha this reminds me so much of my grandma!

  4. haha well she does provide you some entertainment :) although in the moment I suppose it can be more frustrating.