Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Smart Call

This isn't usually how I roll... - It's never too late to give up.

As humorous as the tweets were from yesterday's post... I realized that for the past week I haven't been sleeping well because I wake up thinking about this road trip with my geriatric parents.

I keep thinking of things we need to have with us... and I keep trying to plan out bathroom stops for about every 30 minutes of driving time...

Once you get to northern Minnesota it's normal to go an hour or more without finding any gas stations or civilization at all. But there are trees... lots and lots of trees...

I picture my geriatric father needing to use a bathroom... and there being none around. He's too old to stand and pee by the side of the road... and, besides, he would just get it all over his walker...

My mother would have to help him, because even though I can do a lot of things with gloves on... I don't want to have to put his ding dong in the jar...  Nasty business. Not touching the ding dong.

With my mom's unsteadiness and inability to stand for extended periods of time coupled with my dad's weakness in his legs along and his inability to see... I pictured trying to stop the car along the road, trying to find a level spot to get out, and having my mother try to assist me while I assist my dad...

I kind of visualize one or both of them tumbling into the ditch. (No pushing was involved, I swear.)

And then again, maybe my geriatric father needing to pee wouldn't have been the worse imaginable thing... - It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits.

Also, I woke up in the night and said, "Bed rails."

My father has been totally dependent on a bed rail to get in and, especially, out of bed ever since his stroke. There was no way to bring a bed rail along...

So, after talking it out with the Stern German... I heeded the advice that Kati has been giving me for a few weeks.

I sat my parents down... and cancelled the trip.

I feel bad.

But I feel more relieved than anything.

After I told my parents, my dad got up and had to go to the bathroom. When he came back, we all talked about it for about  20 minutes... then he got up and had to go to the bathroom again.

Then we went to the clinic so he could work out in the physical therapy department... it's about a mile from their place... and as soon as we got there... he had to go to the bathroom AGAIN.

Three times in less than an hour. Made me realize that I probably made the right choice.

And I think my mom is somewhat glad to stay put. At some point in life, it's just a lot simpler to stay at home.

So, even though I won't have any good stories to tell you... or funny things to write about from a road trip with my geriatric parents... I will still have my sanity... well, as much as I ever had, anyway...


  1. That's probably a good choice to have made!

    1. OH MY! I think you absolutely made the right choice. But, the hilarity of the trip would have been amazing blog material!