Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I'm going to tell you the five highlights of my week... in no particular order:

1. The Stern German's been gone... so no big meals were cooked... thus, the kitchen has stayed a lot cleaner than normal.
  • Unfortunately, my geriatric parents and the Stern German's dog have all been a little more needy this week... 
  • One of those above-mentioned needy ones shat all over the garage floor...
2. The Angsty Teen had a quiet week... 

  • Except she's not really ever all that quiet...

  • Getting her motivated to help pick up stuff is so exhausting.
3. I didn't look as bad on Wednesday at 3:30 pm as I thought I would look.
  • I looked pretty bad all day... so at 3:30 when I took this picture... it was way better than expected.
4. Having the The Grand Boys here on Monday without the Stern German was pretty easy.
  1. This guy loves playing with his Spidey action figures.
  2. The Angsty Teen was on her game... It was great to tag-team those boys with her.
  3. Pretty sure this guy's practicing to lie on the beach and model something someday...
5. I was able to spend some time with friends this week!
  • Made Kashmiri Chicken with a friend...
  • Met another friend at my favorite place last night for some relaxing conversation...
That was my week! Hope you had a good week. Join me on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color

1 comment:

  1. I just spit out my water when you said the word "shat" - LOL

    Have a great weekend!