Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm writing this late on Thursday night... I'm exhausted... I have heartburn... I may have had too many margaritas which cause the heartburn... and I'm glad I'm not traveling with my geriatric parents!

Hope your week has been good. Here are the best parts of my week...

1. The Angsty Teen discovered if she puts her ear buds in her nose sound comes out her mouth.
Probably not a skill that will earn her money in life... but who knows.

2. I made salsa with my salsa-making friend.

After the salsa was made...and the Angsty Teen and I were getting ready to leave...her friend decided to show off just how limber she is. Pretty sure the Angsty Teen's fingers are more limber than her friend's are just from eating snacks...

3. It was the Stern German's birthday and I didn't forget. (That's not the norm!)

June is just an odd time for a birthday in this family... because it''s soooo busy! But the Angsty Teen and the oldest Grand Boy decorated a chocolate cake spectacularly!  

4. My geriatric father's garden is growing... in spite of lousy weather!
We've averaged one day of sunshine each of the last three weeks...

5. The Angsty Teen was a great flag for her friend to use as a guide for her parallel parking!
                She was brave.                                    She was flipping me off..                          She directed a lost driver...
Oh, this girl can be so hilarious!

Hope your week was good enough...

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  1. Does the ear buds thing really work? I wanna try it out!

  2. It worked strangely well! Just gotta keep your mouth open.

  3. Oh my. The nosebuds. That is a blackmail pic for sure!

  4. WOW that photo of her is AMAZING, I cannot stop laughing!!

    1. OMG, I have to have my daughter try the ear bud trick!! hilarious!

  5. I am in awe of the ear bud trick, too...can't wait to try it!!