Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five for Friday

Once again... it's Friday. I just realized that it's my Half Birthday! Dang... that means I'm half way to  51! Bring it on.

Weeks fly by... and next thing you know... another month is gone.  Here are the highlights of my week... the last week of June.

1. Today we are going to harvest a few radishes...
My dad at his table top garden.                                                             I don't even like radishes... but... others do.
2. I don't think we need to worry about the Angsty Teen getting a Minor...
Kati and the Angsty Teen gave the Stern German some 12 year old Scotch for Father's Day. 
We went with Scotch Aversion Therapy for the teen...  Crushed it.

3. A Pinterest project turned out well for me!
That isn't usually how it goes...
Under the Sea supper!
Clearly, I was more thrilled with the end result than this guy was... Sorry, buddy...

4. I had fun with the Angsty Teen at the MOA (Mall of America)... & before that I got a haircut.
Good haircut... no makeup.
Great Happy Hour at Cadillac Ranch...
Cocktail/Lemonade and delicious apps
5. We had a fantastic supper last night.
So, so, so, so good...
I had made an Asparagus/Broccoli Tart earlier in the day. I reheated it and served it with a Caesar Salad and crusty French bread. Oh, and the Stern German and I split a bottle of  Simply Naked Chardonnay... so delicious! (Felt like a Food Network star... Well, not Paula Deen... but that's another story... )

 (And, yes, the Angsty Teen was totally grossed out by the name of the wine... well, she was especially grossed out when the Stern German pretended to take his shirt off and be "Simply Naked"... Glad I'm budgeting for therapy for her.)

Hope your week was good... or maybe better than good.

What are you doing this weekend? Wanna come over for supper? I'll make something delicious!


  1. That tart looks good!!!!!!!!!!! And the pic of AT looking at you over your cocktail CRACKS ME UP!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful!!!

  3. LOVE you new 'do!!
    LOVE the look on Angsty Teen's face after drinking the scotch!
    And I have to tell you, the pics you post (here and on FB) of your dad and his garden ALWAYS make me smile!! You can just tell how much joy that brings him and I love it!
    Have a good weekend ~ let's meet at MOA one day!!

    1. (that first one was supposed to say, "Love THE new 'do" but I guess it works either way!)