Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Not Your Mother

FFF (Forced Family Fun) watching Duck Dynasty in the Man Cave
So, last Sunday was Father's Day... and in light of the spirit that has been pervading our home for the past two years on Mother's Day... I didn't really plan anything.

I wasn't really being ornery... just weary... and... well, maybe a little ornery... but mostly weary.

Here's how the day went:
Good food and more good food was consumed.
The Angsty Teen backed the Stern German's truck out of the garage
 so we could bond over Duck Dynast.y
We grilled and had supper with my parents. 

This year, just before Mother's Day, the Angsty Teen decided it would be a nice thing for her to try to save her dad from his... um... last of preparedness. The prior year was a disaster on his part.

She mentioned that Mother's Day was coming up... and was making sure he had a plan. "She's not my mother," said the Stern German.

This is true... and really, Kati and the Angsty Teen are capable enough to figure something out for me without their stepdad/dad, respectively, needing to help them.

But then... when the Angsty Teen pressed the matter a little more, she was told by the Stern German,"That's what she told me a couple years ago... that 'I'm not your mother!'"

Okay. That actually may have been something I uttered. But, I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the context of whether or not he needed to put effort into planning something for me for Mother's Day. It didn't have to be anything grandiose... just... well, something.

I'm thinking that sentence "I'm not your mother!" was probably uttered after something like this...

"Pick up your dirty underwear... after all..." ("I'm not your mother!")

Actually, in 17+ years of marriage to that man, I'm not sure I've ever had to pick up his dirty underwear. He's kind of good at taking care of his own things.

So, as I'm sitting here drawing a blank on why I would've uttered that sentence... I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Like I said... I'm sure it didn't have anything to do with the Stern German not having to do something for me to show his appreciation for all the parenting/step-parenting/grandparenting I do that enables him to have relationships with his children and grand children!

Any thoughts? What on earth would have preceded that statement of: "I'm not your mother!"?

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  1. have you seen the "mothers day" episode from the show The Middle... HA