Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maybe... Tomorrow?

Thought maybe my pictures would "Bump" tonight... but I was wrong.
Thought I could just email them to myself... but doing one picture at a time is taking forever...

So, I remembered that this guy (His name was probably Martin... I think I have dealt with three guys at the Apple store at the Mall of America named Martin...) helped me figure out a way to upload (or is it download? No, it's probably upload...) pictures from my phone to my computer by attaching my phone to my computer with a cord.

I actually found the cord right away... that's kind of impressive. Well, I keep it in a basket right next to my chair in the living room... but I'm surprised it was where it was supposed to be!

So... here we go... I plugged it in... and nothing is happening.

I have an Apple computer... but an Android phone...

I know it isn't a simple process, but something should be happening...

This is tricky business... and it's not working for me... yet.

I'm pretty sure my phone is supposed to recognize that it is attached to the computer and ask about something... What does it ask me? Hmmm... I haven't done this for a few months...

I think it asks me something about USB something or another... maybe it will work in a few minutes... I know that it will work... I'm waiting... quite patiently, might I add, and... nothing.

Nothing, yet, either...

And, still... nothing.

I had a few...

Huh. I walked away from my computer for a minute or two... and have no idea what I was going to write.

"I had a few..." drinks? I wish.

Vacation plans? Hardly.

Thousand dollars saved up? Hahahaha. I'm hilarious.

Pretty sure this post is already long enough and I haven't even said anything...

Here's the picture I emailed myself tonight...
I snapped this picture at a funny angle... I took it over to Picmonkey and tried rotating it... but that was worse... oh well.

I do like the picture of my girls, Kati & the Angsty Teen, enjoying... or at least not hating... some sisterly bonding over their respective laptops... No one looks too annoyed with the other or too annoying yet. Must have been early on in the weekend!

No, it was a good weekend... it flew by quickly... and who knows? Someday, I might be able to show you pictures again...

But for the sake of health and wellness? Don't hold your breath... or, as one lady where my parents live said, "I got so tired from holding my breasts."

Yeah, don't hold those, either.

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  1. I don't have an Apple computer so I'm not sure but it took my a while to realize that I need to have my phone unlocked to upload pics from my phone to computer using the usb cord.