Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not a Great Day

Yesterday was a long day... a very difficult, long day.

By the time I got home after spending the morning with my geriatric parents... getting my mom to and from the dentist's office and my dad to physical therapy and Walmart... I was ready to be done with my day.

But, I had a dental appointment of my own. I had two fillings that needed to be redone. One of them was just four years old... don't they come with some sort of guarantee? Apparently, not. No guarantee... unless it's the guarantee of pain/discomfort and that I have to pay for the filling all over again.

Here's a brief run down on the appointment:

Went in with a headache Not a good way to start...
Numbed both sides of face Could you crank that needle around under the skin any more than you did?
Student-teaching situation with dental assistant - I'll get paid to train you... and even though you won't know what you're doing, you'll work for free on people who still pay me their full fees. Got it?
Waiting forever for dentist to come back... He's working four different rooms at once.
He sings... I'd forgotten that... Please don't sing along with the music in your office... especially right in my face...
More numbing
Dentist leaves
More waiting
Student teacher assistant person wants to chat with me
And chat with me and chat with me and chat with me and chat with me
More waiting
Splitting headache
More chatting
Dentist returns
Drill LOUD
Head pounding
Numbness wearing off on one side
Dentist tries to go faster to get it done while it is still somewhat numb More numbing would be a good idea...
More pain
Student teacher assistant needs a lot of guidance. Why is she practicing on me? Am I getting a price break here?
Taking forever
You get the idea...

That kind of sums up the whole dental experience. Then I went home to recuperate...

2:45 pm - Sat on porch... alone... with a cold drink.
2:47 Stern German asks if I want company. I do not.
2:48 Finally alone again.
2:50 Angsty Teen comes out to ask me a question.
2:52 Finally alone again.
2:53 Stern German comes out to put letter in the mailbox. Asks me questions.
2:55 Finally alone again.
2:57 Angsty Teen comes out to ask me questions.
2:58 Weed sprayer guy drives up. Seriously? I just want to sit quietly alone on my porch.
2:59 Ask weed sprayer guy if he has to spray today. He says he does. That's a pisser...
3:00  I leave the house and drive to a bench on a quiet spot on a lake.
3:02 Finally alone again. Just me and the pelicans... The other day someone said they were storks... ah, no. I wouldn't hang out with storks... they bring babies. Don't need that right now...
3:05 Three loud teens come down the path with fishing poles... Stop 20 feet from me.
3:06 So much screaming and laughing and... noise.
3:07 I'm able to block out the noise... somewhat
3:08 Know-it-all Homeschooling Mom brings two of her kids to fish right in front of me.
3:09 Decide it is too much work to try to have a little peace and quiet... so, I head home.

Well, there you have it... yesterday it felt like I couldn't catch a break. Wonder why I thought that...


  1. Haha, I hate those days. The days you just want to be left alone for a bit and you can't :) I think back to the times when my mom probably just wanted time to think/breathe and I was annoying the crap out of her - oops! I think I'll be more blunt with Bailey ;)

    1. Ugh, i hate the dentist!! Sorry you had such a crummy day! Here's to hoping today is a GREAT one :)

      I'm going to miss you at cooking class tonight. I was looking forward to seeing you. But, I'll be sure to come to another one sometime so we can cheers a glass of wine ;)

  2. That's a rough day. Sometimes I'm really glad I live alone, just me and princess Hawkeye. Peaceful.

  3. aww no fun at all. Hopefully today is going better

  4. Aww....not fun at all. We missed you at cooking class last night!