Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday

When you look back on Christmases from your childhood... what are your memories? Are they positive? Negative?

In some ways, for me, it's kind of a blur. I only remember a few different years... mostly because of extreme joy and delight... or extreme disappointment...

Back when I was in junior high... I had a radio that was similar to this in my bedroom...
... except for the fact that the one I had had sharper edges and the buttons were two dials on the top. I'm pretty sure it had been my dad's radio in college.

My dad graduated from high school in 1948... I was using this in 1976... so it was a little obsolete.

At the time, I also had an alarm clock similar to this...
So every morning I woke up to an obnoxious alarm... and then, while I got ready for school, I listened to the only radio station I could get that had only a slightly obnoxious amount of static.

It was pretty bad... but it was all I knew. Sometimes if you don't know what's out there... you are happier.

Then... I saw ads for... this beautiful thing:
Yep, a clock radio. If I had one of these things... I would be able to wake up to clear, non-staticky music... instead of an obnoxious beeping sound. It would make my teen life perfect... except for the high school- aged boyfriend I had who was making out with a friend of mine when I went out of town... Another topic for another day... or not...

I wanted one of these new-fangled clock radio contraptions for Christmas. I wanted it badly. In fact, in order to guarantee the success of this Christmas gift being mine... I made sure it was the only thing I asked my parents to get me.

It was all I asked for... a clock radio of my very, very own.

I remember there were several boxes under the tree for me on Christmas was just the right size for a box containing the clock radio for which I longed.

So, I opened that box first... and inside of that box... that box that held all the promise of a teenage girl's hopes and dreams... was...

a Samsonsite luggage train case.

It did have a lift out tray... so that was kind of cool... but...
It definitely wasn't a clock radio.

At least there were still two other good-sized boxes under the tree for me... My hopes were still alive.

When I was allowed to open another gift.... I opened the next largest gift... It wasn't a clock radio.

When I opened my last gift...
I had a complete set. Really? I thought this was a funny trick... that my parents had hidden a clock radio... WHICH WAS THE ONLY THING I HAD ASKED FOR... in one of the suitcases.

They hadn't done that... There was no clock radio... There was a heck of a lot of luggage, though.

And my parents conspiracy to keep me away from that devil-inspired rock-n-roll music was slightly successful... for a while longer.

At least I'm not bitter.


  1. I'm not laughing.

    Okay. I'm laughing.

    That is pretty great luggage though! I could sell that set for a hefty price in the ole booth!!!!

  2. Hahaha that is just mean of them! But, at least you got a nice luggage set?!

    And um, ew to that high school boyfriend, what a troll.

    1. I'm giggling so hard because I think I've seen ALL of those radios pass through our cabin over the years.

  3. I absoulty LOVE that luggage!! Such great stuff!