Thursday, June 13, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Back when I was in junior high... and on into high school...  I listened to my local FM radio station on my dad's old college radio... (You read about that last week on my Throwback Thursday post...)

The local radio station used to have prizes to give away... sometimes tickets, sometimes poinsettias -yeah, that was weird, and sometimes albums. If you are too young to know about such things... albums looked like this:
The only things I've used albums for the past 20 years is to decorate the library for the summer reading program. I hung them on bulletin boards and made bowls like this out of them to hold bookmarks:
When the DJ announced a prize for the tenth caller? I was running to the phone as fast as I could go.

I was pretty good at this business. I could dial, get a busy signal, hang up, dial again, be told I was the fourth caller, hang up, dial again... and be CALLER NUMBER 10!

One of the first albums I won was by KC and the Sunshine Band. I don't even think I had a way to play it until I bought a stereo to take to college.

Such great music... makes you want to dance... definitely good party music. (See, Stephanie, how I worked that in?)

Here are a couple songs from that album:

You've got to listen to this one for a bit... you'll probably recognize the song... but you've got to see the great costumes/suits that KC and his trumpeters are wearing.

And this one is pretty great (It's from Soul Train... I was never allowed to watch that business.):

As I was writing this post, I came across this version of "That's the Way... I Like It".

Watching this version.. it's a newer version... made me grimace. Poor KC... he's so old... and those dancers? Probably not even born yet when this song first came out!

These were always some fun songs... I'm thinking I'll create a KC & the Sunshine Band Pandora station to listen to while I clean up my kitchen... maybe it'll seem like a party...



  1. Hahaha I love how you worked that in, perfect! Maybe I'll listen to some KC and the Sunshine Band, am I too young for that?!

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