Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Worn-Out Wednesday

IT'S WEDNESDAY! That actually wasn't said with an exclamation filled with happiness and joy...  It was more of an exclamation full of fear and trepidation.
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Why is it bad that it's Wednesday? Because 3:30 is coming; and, that, my friends, is a very bad thing.

Last week I read this article from USA TODAY...  on a study that was earlier written about on Elite Daily's website... and the subtitle of the article was:

Study shows women look worst on Wednesday afternoons. Maybe they should just stay home.

What? Really? That is just depressing. You may read the article for yourself here.

Apparently women tend to look older at 3:30 pm on Wednesday.

Why is that? Well, they say this is when our energy levels drop dramatically, our stress increases greatly, and it is when any weekend late-night partying catches up with us.

That is very sad.

My major problems is that I didn't actually look so hot yesterday or the day before, so I'm pretty worried about today... at 3:30. I'm thinking I'll avoid mirrors... and get a big glass of wine... that should help, right? Oh, wait.... but then I might look bad on Friday or Saturday also... this is tricky business.

My life is pretty stressful every day... so I don't know that it is peaking on Wednesday. Wait a minute... oh, no. Since my life is stressful ALL the time... maybe I always look like it's 3:30 on Wednesday. That is just depressing.

I'd like to conduct a little, non-scientific study... I'm going to take a picture of my self earlier in the day today and then try to remember to take one around 3:30. Not sure if I'll be able to tell a big difference or not... but it will be interesting to find out.

I'm thinking I will be brave enough to share the pictures with you... but... we'll see.

What about you? Wanna send me a picture or two of yourself? If so, send one from earlier in the day and then one from 3:30 pm... If you don't read this in time to do it today... do it next Wednesday!

I don't know if any of you will do it, but it could be interesting... or humorous... or...
Send the pics to splashofwhine(at) Think you'd do it??? Maybe I should do a give-away to those who enter... What do I have to give? Hmmm... well, I do have an extra RoboStir in the office... Pretty sure no one really wants that... Never mind.

Good luck with your day! Remember... it's 3:30 on Wednesday somewhere....

P.S. Happy Half-Birthday, Kati!

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  1. Oh man, I don't even want to look at myself at 3:30 today!!