Thursday, July 11, 2013

Again This Year

Last Friday I mentioned the Nasty Underwear Incident of 2012. Well, today there was a similar situation.

The Angsty Teen and her friend were told they could take the golf cart to the other side of camp to get something. When they got to the golf cart.... there they were... a pair of athletic shorts and... a pair of boy's nasty underwear... or a nasty boy's pair of underwear... or a nasty pair of boy's underwear...

Start at the top... look at the pictures...
Yep, the Angsty Teen double gloved... just in case there was a glove malfunction.

She was thoroughly disgusted by the underwear... even though they may have been clean... but I don't know... not my job to check.

The Angsty Teen was definitely using some good problem-solving skills. I guess I should be proud.

At least she didn't step into this pair with her bare foot. I guess there is that...

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  1. Ohhhh that is so gross! Of course they weren't clean, boys never have clean underwear.