Monday, July 22, 2013

Can't Buy Me Love

The oldest two of The Grand Boys are having birthdays in a couple of weeks... on the same day. Guess my stepdaughter and her husband are good at celebrating getting done with harvest...

Anyway, the tricky thing about this is that the other two sets of grandparents buy those boys practically anything and everything. I never know what to give them... because they already have nearly everything... and I pretty much know that whatever I do get them won't be very impressive... compared to their other gifts.

Last year I gave the one that was turning three Stomp Rockets:

I thought they were pretty sweet... but the day of the actual birthday party... they weren't a hit.

Why? Well, probably because one of the other g-mas outspent us over 20:1... This is what she gave the oldest boy...

A perfect gift for a three year old... The boys do love their damn gator... and over time, the oldest boy seems to like his Stomp Rockets.

We just can't compete with those other grandparents.

Well, I guess we could compete... We would just rack up huge Visa bills in the process. So, I guess a more accurate statement would be that we are choosing not to compete with the other grandparents.

Now we are coming up to another birthday party for the two oldest of The Grand Boys. I may have figured out what to get them... but would welcome thoughts and suggestions...

The oldest boy will be four. I think we will get him this:
Perplexus Rookie
Have you ever seen a Perplexus? They are a circular maze... and you have to try to keep the ball rolling on the track and in the process you keep turning and spinning the ball.

Hey, Stephanie, there are harder ones... might be fun to do at a party sometime...

We had a Perplexus at the public library a few years ago... It was great for hand/eye coordination... and it kept kids quiet. 

For the boy who is turning two? I'm thinking of this from Melissa and Doug...
Latches Board
It's a Latches Board... all kinds of hinges and latches and clasps. I think it looks like a great choice... lots of fun... and it'll be a great quiet toy.

Here are a couple of other top contenders:


Melissa and Doug's Farm Sounds Blocks
There were a few other ideas I'd been keeping tabs on... but I think I will go with the two that I mentioned.

Even though these toys won't be appreciated much on the day of the party... I'd like to think that over the course of the next year... these gifts will eventually be played with and loved... I'm kind of a dreamer, apparently.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have about gifts for a two and four year old boy!

Oh, and The Grand Boy who is the youngest will turn one about a month later... Dang... now I've got to come up with a gift for him, too.


  1. That bilibo looks super cool!

  2. Oh that circle maze would be hilarious at parties, trying to get the ball to stay on while everyone's been drinking?! Too funny!
    Good luck on the gift shopping!