Friday, July 12, 2013

High Five for Friday

The Angsty Teen (aka The REALLY Angsty Teen by the time we finally got home...) and I got home from camp last night. The car is unpacked... but now the house is cluttered with our stuff that we will deal later today.

Here are the top five things I can think of that were great about my week:

1. The camp kitchen is air conditioned.
Pretty sure the meals wouldn't be too great if the kitchen didn't have AC!
2. I had good kitchen help.
Kati and I always do well together. Things went so smoothly!
3. I survived a visit from the state health inspector.
In the 13 years I've been at camp, he's never shown up when I've been there!
4. None of the camp meals made anyone sick... that's always a fleeting thought in the back of my mind.
5. I'm extremely grateful that we weren't in this accident on the way home.
That first semi is a FEDEX truck... lots of broken packages in there, I think...
We were just a couple miles behind it. Traffic was a little crazy while they got things sorted out. Two semis were involved... but not sure what happened. (Couldn't find anything out online either)

Those are some of the highlights of my week. Today I jump back into the real world. Dang.

I hope you have a great weekend... Hope I do too!

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  1. Hey, I definitely not getting anyone sick is not to be overlooked. Excellent job!