Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Junior Graffiti Artists

Oh, Pinterest... I love the way you showcase people's talents and skills.
I do not, however, love the way my stuff turns out.

Most anything I try to do that is crafty... fails. Even things that look pretty simple on Pinterest.

It's not that I'm not crafty... well, okay, maybe it is... I'd like to think that I'm creative, but not artistic.

Yesterday I saw a "pin" for homemade sidewalk paint. It looked great... easy... fun... plus, I had all the ingredients. I thought The Grand Boys would have fun with this when they were with us last night.

To read the post where I found this, click here.

Our paint was a little runny... both boys wanted to add in lots of water...  and our color wasn't very vibrant... but it kind of looked like paint.

There were too many mosquitoes in our yard so we went across the street to the school building.
Yep, the paint was a flyin'... all over hands, shirts, faces, hair, and... the school building. (Do you sense a little attitude in that last picture?)

I can just hear them when they are teens... "But, officer, our Gma let us paint buildings all the time!"

Hypothetical question: If your grand kids go to juvie  for something you've taught them... can you still get the Grandmother of the Year Award?

I probably shouldn't work on my acceptance speech yet.


  1. Your grandbabies are darling!! I love this idea :P and it looks like the boys enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks! They did have fun!

      But, I'm thinking I should probably go over and wash the paint off the school building... Although it is no longer a 4-6 grade building... it houses the Alternative Learning Center... they're probably used to that stuff on their building now!

  2. Haha!! it absolutely does look like graffiti-ing the side of a building, and I love it. You're going to have a lot of explaining to do when they get older...