Monday, July 15, 2013

My Happy Place

Saturday night was wonderful.

The Angsty Teen had plans and was gone for about six hours. In my head I had planned on going out for dinner with the Stern German... or going somewhere and doing something. I had all kinds of ideas... bike rides, movie, paddle boarding, canoeing...

But it turned out the Stern German had to work for four hours. So much for the hot date night.

Okay, now it was time for Plan B... After all, I would have about five hours to myself!

Wasn't sure what to do... there were so many options... almost too many options. Bike ride, movie, house project, house cleaning, shopping, pedicure, manicure...

I ended up spending the first two hours with my parents... It was fine, but now I only had three hours left.

I stopped at the store to pick up the ingredients for Spinach Artichoke Dip and I grabbed a movie.

The first thing I did after I got home was grab a glass of wine, my computer, and sit on my porch.

I was in my Happy Place.
It was a beautiful evening. Slightly breezy, so there weren't any mosquitoes.

And, it was peaceful... for the most part.

The kid on the bike, well, he's probably out of high school... so, he's not a kid, rode by the other direction by himself... singing... loudly... a show tune... and doing choreography with one arm as he steered his bike with his other arm...
He was pretty good. Clearly, he didn't see my on my porch.

A few minutes later he rode by the other direction with this kid. Apparently Bike Boy isn't as uninhibited when he is with his stocking-capped friend, Goth-like friend.

No more singing... bummer.

Then I went in the house, made the Spinach Artichoke Dip, and grabbed another glass of wine.
It was perfect.

A little later this girl walked by... she obviously didn't know that I was on my porch right behind her. She stood there for about five minutes talking on her phone.
Dusk was settling in on my Happy Place.
I turned on my pretty porch lights...
And stayed out there until 10:30 when the Stern German got home.

I never watched the movie... oh, dang... I still have to return that thing... I didn't accomplish any great home project or cleaning of any type... it was great.

It was a perfect evening in my Happy Place.

But then.. when I got up to go in the house, I knocked my pretty glass off the arm of the chair... and decided to wait until the light of day to clean it up.
Dang, it wasn't even the glass with the peeling paint...
Well, it was almost a perfect evening...


  1. Sounds like a great night to yourself. Sad about the glass though :(

  2. Your porch is perfection! I would love to have one someday....