Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Angsty Teen is out of town for a week on a missions trip through our church. (Not exactly sure how to punctuate that... missions? mission's? missions'?)
The Yellow House
The house actually looks kind of awful now... They repainted it... but the yellow they chose is more like mustard... and the green trim looks like pickle relish... Kind of unattractive.

The group flew out of Minneapolis on Saturday morning and had a two hour layover in Atlanta... which turned into a three hour layover due to a delayed flight... which turned into a four hour layover once the flight had been delayed again.

By the end of the trip... the layover had turned into a two hour layover plus a five hour delay due to a delayed/cancelled flight. Eventually, the group made it to New Orleans, LA (NOLA).

Since we are dealing with a lot of headaches due to her concussed state... I sent her a text on Sunday and asked her how her head was doing.

Here is her reply:

"I got no sleep. Someone is keeping a log of my meds for my headaches for me. I'm not allowed to have my phone. My tendonitis is really acting up and I can barely put weight on my knee.  I'm probably going to need to get some crutches."

Drama Queen. Really...

So, let's analyze this text, shall we?

"I got no sleep." Well, child of mine, that is a double negative... or as they said in Pitch Perfect... "That's a lot of negatives." So, I guess that means got a lot of sleep???

"Someone is keeping a log of my meds for my headaches for me." That is good news... that child pops ibuprofin and acetaminophen like candy... good to keep tabs on that business.

"I'm not allowed to have my phone." THANK YOU, JESUS!!!! I won't hear from her too much then...

"My tendonitis is really acting up." Huh, not even sure I knew you had tendonitis...

"I can barely put weight on my knee." Seriously? You were fine when you left home a day earlier...

"I'm probably going to need to get some crutches." That won't draw attention to you... much...

So. much. damn. drama. Always. Wherever she is... Whatever she does... It's kind of nice to have a mini-break from that...

But by the time you read this post... I will be out of town for a couple of days to visit a friend. And, apparently, I don't have to worry about whether or not I get cell phone reception... that girl isn't supposed to call me!

It's an answer to prayer.