Tuesday, July 30, 2013

One Fine Day

Yesterday I got the Angsty Teen to marching band... on her crutches... I took my dad to work out and we did a little gardening together... then I continued to get ready for Kati and That Guy to visit!

The Angsty Teen got home from her morning of band and she did a lot of this:
 She did a little of this:
Icing the injured knee
The Stern German got home from work and did quite a bit of this:
And... I kept plugging away at what needed to be done:

  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the kitchen
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the dining room  
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap out of the living room
  • Move the Angsty Teen's crap away from the front door
Are you sensing a theme here? 

Then I got to make Spinach Artichoke Dip... and get the other snacks ready.

"We" were ready for Kati and That Guy when they got here.

We had Happy Hour on the porch... drinks and snacks. I think I forgot to take a picture of that...

Then we ran out to the oldest Grand Boy's Tball game... only the game didn't exist.
But everyone had fun taking turns racing with the Angsty Teen's crutches.

Then we went to supper at the best (read: only) good place in town.

The Angsty Teen likes her ketchup... so That Guy raced to all the nearby tables and gathered up extra supplies for her.
Yes, she gets American food here...
Then he raced to the not-so-nearby tables to gather more backup bottles.
She didn't run out of ketchup, so that's always a good thing...

We told the waiter that it was That Guy's birthday:
Sorry, Kati. I know you don't like to be photographed on that side.
It's the only picture I had of the sombrero... and Mike... and his bff Juan.
When we got home the Angsty Teen (I'm sure) impressed That Guy with her wrestling mask. I was just impressed that she could find it in her room...

Then Kati and That Guy left to go to his parents' home about 45 minutes away. I enjoyed having them here.

Here's some things I liked about him:

  • He ate my spinach artichoke dip and the Stern German's antelope sausage... without balking.
  • He drank the Stern German's beer... happily.
  • He was super engaging with the Angsty Teen... Things that she does/says that Kati would just roll her eyes at? He had fun with all that.
  • He, willingly, met the dog and didn't back down when the dog was a little cray cray.
So, in summation:
  • He plays well with others.
  • He appears to be housebroken.
  • He didn't jump up on anybody.
  • He likes treats.

Wait, maybe that's the dog...

All in all, a fine time was had by all... I think.


  1. He sounds wonderful! So glad it went well. What did you wear and how was your hair? LOL

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. What I meant to say was that I wore a ball gown and my hair was in an undo!!! But, not really...

  2. I'm glad he got the stamp of approval, because I like to see all of Katy's cute photos! She has never posted anything as good as the sombrero photo though, so kudos. Throwing my friends under the 'it's my birthday' bus is my favorite thing to do at mexican restaurants.