Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Packing List

In attempting to leave town, I've been trying to think of things to bring on a road trip with a teen... especially an Angsty Teen. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Things to do.
2. Things to eat.
3. Things to watch.
4. Things to listen to music.
5. Blankie/pillow/stuffed animal.
6. Wet wipes.

Really, the list is the same as when she was a toddler...

The list of specifics has changed... a little. I mean, it'd be kind of weird if she still liked BarneyBaby Songs or animal crackers & coloring books. Oh, wait, I'm still bringing animal crackers for her. And, I'm pretty sure she's packed some coloring books...

We have updated our media means over the years. We'll leave the VHS tapes of The Brady Bunch at home.
Here's the story... of a lovely lady... (You're welcome.)
When I went on a major road every year with my two girls, we had a little TV with a VHS player built into it.  I took out the middle seat of the van, and put the TV on a plastic bin near the front of the van.

If we would've been in a car accident, that thing would've killed someone. For weeks ahead of our first trip I taped Brady Bunch episodes for my then three and 11 year old to watch.

What else do I need to bring?

Headphones... for the driver.... Wait, that's illegal.

Headphones for the car's drop down DVD player... (so much more compact than our original TV/VHS combo...) because, as much I would like to listen to Pitch Perfect several times tomorrow... I'll pass.

So, as you see, the list has been basically the same over the years. The best part is that now the Angsty Teen pretty much packs her stuff without me... except I do have to run to the store for more animal crackers before we leave town.

Oh, wait... she's probably going to want to bring something new this year... Something she will feel she can't live without...

She'll probably want to bring... her driver's permit.

Nothing like a few more hours of highway road time... with the calmer parent.

This could be a long day...

I really need to get hooked up with a Xanax dealer...

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