Thursday, July 18, 2013

So Many Winners

Just perusing the news... and am impressed that there are so many winners out there.

No, not lottery winners... just winners... in the game of life. (Not to be confused with the game of Life... I always liked playing that game growing up... except I'm pretty sure my brother cheated...)
And, no, that's not my brother... but there is a resemblance.

Here are three examples of winning news stories:
1. "Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriend While Aiming at Ex"
Yep, this guy sounds like a winner... well, maybe all the parties involved do...

Here's a portion of the article:
Police said the man's ex-girlfriend unexpectedly showed up at his house early Monday morning. The two argued and he grabbed a shotgun. But his current girlfriend got between them and was unintentionally shot in the chest.

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Moral of the story: If you date a loser... and he tries to shoot his ex-girlfriend... just let him.

2. "Woman Holding Baby Joins in Chuck E. Cheese Brawl"
Here's a bit of that story:
Video posted on YouTube recently shows moms at one Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Long Island fighting with the song, "Happy Birthday" playing in the background.  It shockingly shows one woman throwing punches while holding a baby.

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You could also watch a video of the brawl... but why on earth would you want to do that? Unless, of course, you know a lot of idiots in Long Island...

Because if that's the case, the police would probably like help to identify the involved parties. I don't know anyone in Long Island... If the story had taken place in Dallas? I'd probably know, heck, probably be related to some of the involved parties...

3. A not-so-interesting story about Anthony Weiner. 
Remember him? He's the guy who resigned from Congress because of a sexting scandal. I think he Tweeted photos of himself in his underwear... and then denied he did it. Eventually, he admitted to the deed. Pretty sure someone, somewhere recognized those tidy whities.

Now he's running for another political office... Mayor of NYC.

That's not what I expected... I thought he would run for president in 2016 along with Eric Holder who is the current Attorney General of the United States.

They would have a catchy name.... They would be the Weiner-Holder ticket... 'nuf said.


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  1. Weiner-Holder!!! Hahahaha

    I absolutely watched that entire brawl video... whaaaat?!