Monday, July 8, 2013

So Much Food

Kati and I have been busy in the camp kitchen. Yesterday we worked like crazy... but... we still had some free time here and there. Free time is fantastic.

We seem to be doing things smarter than before. I've stopped trying to make everything totally, amazingly great... and have learned to just settle for great... or, sometimes, good enough. (These Nebraska farm kids eat most anything anyway!)

Here's a little recap of Sunday's breakfast and lunch...

For breakfast we did pancakes on the big griddle. (I love the big griddle.) We even made some cinnamon roll pancakes. Those things are pretty much delicious.
Who wouldn't want a cinnamon roll snowman pancake in near-100 degree weather?
Lunch went like this:
200 pieces of chicken grilled, slathered with BBQ sauce, baked, and served.

130 servings of cheesy, garlic mashed potatoes made... and most of them were consumed.
80 pieces of pumpkin pie made and decorated... with great helpers...
52 servings of canned peaches served
48 servings of green beans heated up
12 gallons of beverages consumed
2 talkative girls who kept their cabin up most of the night...
They still had plenty of words left in them...
 (They got to help with dishes during rest time... so, they should be ready to sleep tonight!)

And, one mischievous boy who had to help with dishes, too.
This kid was a great sport.
He was privileged to prewash greasy chicken pans, BBQ sauce covered things, mashed potato pans, and a whole lot more before they went to the talkative girls to wash, rinse, sanitize, and put on the rack to dry.

We loved all the help with dishes! A different kid has been helping us this week. He's a great worker and easy to have around...  but with all the punished children to help, he had this meal off.

So, now it's Sunday evening... and I think I'm going to sit for a while... maybe for a long while...


  1. Sounds like you've been BUSY! The food looks amazing.

  2. Haha!! True, kids don't even know if it's really amazing food, they just want to eat. That giant griddle is insane. Cinnamon roll pancakes?! Heck, I want to be at camp...