Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Projects

Tomorrow the Angsty Teen and I leave for camp! She will be a camper and Kati will join me in the kitchen to cook for about 90 people during Senior High Camp. This is pretty much the highlight of my summer. Hmmm... that sounds rather sad, doesn't it?
Kati looking way to cute running my favorite camp appliance!
I love being in the camp kitchen. I enjoy cooking. I really am happy it when former campers show up for a meal... because there's no such thing as a free lunch at camp... and then I have lots of help with dishes.

And, it's fun cooking mass quantities of food...
That's a lot of dough!
While the Angsty Teen and I are gone for the week, my parents will have to get along without me. The Stern German will go over and help my dad water his garden, but I am gonna get a little break!

The Stern German has some things he wants to accomplish while we are gone. I know he has stuff to do to get ready for fall hunting trips. I'm pretty sure he is going to weed the front yard gardens... they're pretty awful.

I don't think he has any home improvement projects planned. Here's an idea for him...

He could redo the Angsty Teen's bedroom. Wait, pretty sure she wouldn't be impressed. But you should click here to watch this one minute video. This guy's friends did a stellar redecorating job on his bedroom while he was on a trip!

I think the only thing they were missing was a unicorn... dipped in glitter... (If you read Bourbon and Glitter, you might remember recently that Stephanie had a guest blogger, Adriana, write a post. She had a picture of how great glitter can make a unicorn... who knew? See that here.)

Maybe when the Stern German goes on a hunting trip this fall, I should redecorate our bedroom.

Better stock up on some glitter...


  1. Oooh sounds like fun!! Sounds like an edition of Camp ROCK!

  2. That clip is hilarious!! Really though, it's a fabulous looking room... It does need that glitter unicorn though, because that would be magic.
    I'm pretty excited to see some camp kitchen photos!