Monday, August 5, 2013

AngstyTeen Tales

The Angsty Teen has been gone for quite a few hours today... She went to see Les Miserables in the Cities with her Music Listening Class from last spring. So, while the day was busy until mid afternoon... there have been a couple of quiet hours around here.
As I sit here reveling in the peace and quiet that will end in approximately 28 minutes and 43 seconds... approximately... I started laughing at some of the things the Angsty Teen has done or told me about recently.

Because, let's face it... she's probably as hilarious as she is angsty... (emphasis on "probably")...

Here are a couple of Angsty Teen Tales:

1. The Hands
As the Angsty Teen grabbed a huge handful of snacks with her not-exactly-smallish hands... I made a comment about how handy it is to have Man Hands for snacking...

It reminded me of this:
The Angsty Teen looked at me and replied enthusiastically, "Don't mock me. Someday some man will LOVE these hands!"

After a couple of seconds the Angsty Teen hung her head said sheepishly, "Mmmm.... that didn't come out right."

I burst out laughing.

2. The Undies
 A while back when the Angsty Teen saw this picture of herself as a kindergartner... I commented on the fact that you could see her panties on under her leotard in the picture...
I tried and tried to get her to go to gymnastics without the undies... She wouldn't take them off... she always wore them with her leotard...

The Angsty Teen said with enthusiasm, " Well, I would think that would be a good thing for me to keep on in life..."

Yep, true. This is one of those times when not listening to your mama pays off...

Keep 'em on, girl... keep 'em on.

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  1. Bahaa. This cracked me up. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that she does not read your blog ;)