Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Things I Despise

Yep, tying your shoes is a great idea...
After riding my bike around one of our two lakes this morning... this one is Clear Lake... or as we like to call it "Not-So-Clear Lake"... I have five things I'd like to share that tick me off on the bike trail:

1. Acorns. So glad I wasn't on Rollerblades. And when those suckers pelt you from the tree or maybe from the rotten youths throwing them at those passing by... they kind of hurt.

2. Walnuts. There's just a few but more are coming... Can't wait to get hit with one of those.

3. People who pass you silently. Always startles me. Just holla "On the left." or "On the right."... whatever your political persuasion might be...

4. People who walk side-by-side even when they know you are trying to go around them. Excuse me, did you not here me say, "On the right."??? Move... get out the way!

5. Canadian Geese. Hate. them. so. much. So much waddling and hissing... wait... that might've been me. 
Anyway... geese freak me out... especially when they have goslings with them (Ryan?). Mean... geese are so mean.
Maybe I need to bring an umbrella along next time. Pretty sure I'm not skilled enough to manage an umbrella on a bicycle...

Oh... and if there was a 5b? Poop on the trail. Dog... really? Pick that stuff up. Goose? Does this look like a bathroom? Well, I mean... apparently it does... Stupid geese...


  1. Yuck, I hate goose poop almost as much as I hate those people who insist on hogging the entire sidewalk by walking side by side and NOT moving. And then giving you dirty glares when you try to squeeze past.

  2. I hate geese! Those things are scary

  3. Did you know that the friendly passing warning is a total Minnesotan thing? When I've been with people from out of state they are always amazed that people are polite enough to give you warning. haha!