Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Here are my five highlights of the week:

1. I donated a bunch of stuff to the band garage sale...
A. The Angsty Teen was somewhat helpful!
 B. When someone at the sale tried to sell me this... I resisted.
Them: How old is your youngest? She might like this piñata kit!
Me: Well, she never liked it enough in the last eight years to make it... that's why I donated it!

2. I spent a couple extra hours with the oldest and youngest of The Grand Boys yesterday.
They came in PJs while their mom took the middle boy to urgent care. I felt safe and protected...
Yes, his turtle shell is made out of a painted aluminum roaster.
3. I downloaded Candy Crush... 
... (I listened to Kati) on the tablet I bought (I listened to That Guy's advice to Kati)...
It's kind of a fun game...
It took me quite a while to figure out what the "jelly" was...
Old dog, new tricks, I guess...
4. I got to sit in a boat with some friends and watch this beautiful sunset the other night.
No, the boat's motor didn't work... we just tied the boat up to the dock and floated nearby.
So relaxing...
5. Kati has BIG news! 
Hint: It involves a guy...
Go to her blog to read about it... click here.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Welcome to the dark side...aka candy crush :P SO glad I only have 5 lives at a time or I'd never get anything done.

    1. I actually never figured out that's how many lives I had... My life has a spare five minutes here and three minutes there... so this might be the perfect game for me!

  2. I would love that pinata kit! Haha. And I still have yet to give in to Candy Crush! I hear it's addicting!

    1. If that pinata kit is still there tomorrow morning when the sale ends... I will mail it to you!

  3. The jeopardy this is so awesome. I'm excited. But noooo not the candy crush! It sucks your life away!! I had to delete it, it was getting bad.

  4. Haha I've resisted candy crush so far! Love your little TMNT ;) that's adorable!

  5. So fun that your daughter is gonna be on Jeopardy! A high school friend of mine was on The Price is Right in college and won the showcase showdown. haha!

  6. Visiting from H5FF and I have to warn you that Candy Crush is ADDICTING! Have fun!!