Friday, August 23, 2013

High Five for Friday

Well, it's definitely been an interesting week. Here are the good/bad things that have happened:

Good: I did my Turbo Jam workout four times this week!
Bad: Sometimes I get really confused which remote/controller does what...
I thought I knew which one shut the tv off... I was wrong.
 I just left it on all morning and asked the Angsty Teen to shut it off when she woke up.
Good: The Angsty Teen's marching band had their fall preview last night.
Bad: The Stern German tried to be fun/funny... epic FAIL.
The Angsty Teen was not amused.
 But, the Angsty Teen was happy again.... just in time for a family photo op.
I look so short!
Good: I got to go up to the Twin Cities to my monthly cooking class!

Bad: My vehicle got rear-ended in rush hour traffic. Damn.
The damage was minimal... and I was still able to go to the class... so, that's good.

Good: The Angsty Teen survived her lump removal and went to band each night.
Bad Hilarious: These boys were standing on the corner doing the hula when I went to pick the Angsty Teen up from band one night.
When I pulled my car over and asked them if I could take a picture...
one of the boys said, "Do you know my parents?"
When I pulled my car over and asked if I could take a picture of them, one of the boys said, "Do you know my parents?"
I wanted to say, "Hey, dummy. It's a small town... Everyone knows everybody." But I just said, "I don't think so..."

Good: I made salsa and refrigerator pickles this week.
Bad: There's nothing bad about this.

That's what I did this week. What did you do that was good... and bad?


  1. LOL I am laughing OUT LOUD at the remote control comment. That is soo ME. I have to ask MY KIDS to turn the TV on and off, switch channels, turn on Netflix..ect. because all the remotes confuse me.