Friday, August 30, 2013

High Five for Friday

Here in Minnesota this is the last weekend before school starts. It's been a pretty good week.

Here are the five highlights of the week and upcoming weekend:

1. I have this guy for over 24 hours starting today at noon... hopefully... it will go well...
I'm pretty sure one or both of us won't get much sleep.

2. The Angsty Teen doesn't have band all weekend... so she can help with The Grand Boy...
 and drive me places... 
... hopefully... not crazy...

3. In this hot, humid weather we made milkshakes a few times...
                                       ... and... yes, it brought all the boys to the yard.
The nunchucks are a nice touch...
4. I had a fantastic margarita and a new Mexican restaurant in a neighboring town:

AND I got a pedicure... finally! Been trying to do that for a couple of months.

5. Someone gave us gorgeous tomatoes from their garden... BLTs, anyone?
Once I survive having that baby here... I don't have much as far as plans for the weekend. I'm sure I'll be busy just doing life... and trying to recover.

Hope you get to spend the weekend doing things you enjoy with people you like!


  1. Now that is a BLT I want to paretake in. Wow. Looks delicious. Have fun with the grandbaby <3 Hopefully that face in the first picture doesn't happen, ha!

  2. omg that bacon. I'm starving already for lunch. yummmmmmm.

  3. Good luck with your grandson this weekend! The BLT looks yummy =)
    Stopping by from HF4F linkup!
    Come link up with us today!