Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Two Cents

A week ago Kati, over at Incorporating Color, who is my daughter... and one of my favorite people in the world... but you probably already knew all that... blogged about "Five Things: That I Do Not Like".

When I was reading her list of things that she doesn't like... I had a few thoughts of my own. I'm here to give my two cents worth of comments on three of her five things. (Kati's words are highlighted.)

1. Pants with words on the butt. No. No. No. Please no.

Kati put a picture on her blog of someone with the word "Juicy" on their butt... but all I could think of was something I'd read a while ago...
If you can fit "Bootylicious" across your backside... it probably isn't. Word.

2. Personalized license plates. To be fair, I like trying to figure out what they say and mean, but seriously? Not a fan of them. Maybe it's because I'm cheap, but whatever.

This is one you probably shouldn't get:
I don't really want to have personalized plates... but like Kati said they can be kind of fun to figure out.

When I was in high school my dad ordered personalized plates... I think they had just come out with them. The license plate was "QCLARK".

We were at a gas station and the attendant who was pumping the gas for us (yeah, that used to be a real thing) looked at the name on my dad's credit card... looked at the license plate... looked back at the credit card and said, "Wow, were you ever lucky."

Buddy, the likelihood of getting your name on your plate is not even a likelihood at all...  unless your name has three numbers in it...

3. Using "YOLO". Ever. My students did this last year, and it was aaaawful. Please see this video for the true meaning of YOLO:
Go to her blog here to watch that video... pretty funny.

I think the absolute worst use of YOLO was on the senior shirts that our most recent graduating glass made...  Across the bottom of the back of the shirt it said, "YOLO" in big letters... And on each sleeve? Yeah, on each sleeve was the name of one of their two classmates that had died... Poor taste.

So that's my two cents worth... on those three things.

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