Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PT Cruising

So... a few weeks ago while the Angsty Teen was on a mission trip to New Orleans.. she hurt her knee. Not a big surprise. That girl gets hurt doing almost nothing.

And if I say that she is really good at doing almost nothing... you're able to figure out how this goes.

She didn't really seem to know how she got hurt... but mid-week I received a text from her that said we owed our church $45 for crutches. Either way I guess it will be tax deductible... under medical expenses or charitable donations.

Anyway, we finally got her in to see the knee doctor that she saw earlier this year when she hurt something-or-another in the same knee. After doing x-rays he was able to tell what was wrong with her... well, what was wrong with her knee... She has a tilted kneecap.

Not an uncommon thing in young folks... especially females... that's what he said. He gave the Angsty Teen an order for PT (physical therapy), and Monday she had her appointment.

This is the Angsty Teen walking down the hallway...
Point those toes out!
 and not walking down the hallway...
 This is her unamused face... you probably remember seeing that face on here before...
At home the Stern German rigged up a three pound weight for her... It was a big, old work boot of his with a bag of BBs wrapped in bubble wrap and strapped to the boot with duct tape.

Ankle weights... redneck style. And, yes, he even weighed it out... that's how he rolls.

Clearly, the Angsty Teen was impressed...
One little look can convey so much emotion....
Hey, Angsty Teen, you probably shouldn't ever play poker.

I think I'll work on my arm lifts while she does her exercises every day...

I will survive... right?

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