Monday, August 26, 2013

State Fair By The Numbers

We spent most of yesterday going to/from and being at the Minnesota State Fair. The Angsty Teen's marching band was in the parade. It was a hot, hot, hot, humid day... but a fine time was had by all.
Here's a brief breakdown of our day at the fair:

FIVE... people in this picture.
The Angsty Teen was not pleased with her father when she saw he bombed her photo...

FOUR... people who were supposed to be in this picture!

So we retook the picture.
            ... and the number of beers in my flight.
Minnesota Brewers at their best.
THREE... is the number of times our band played their song along the parade route.
The Angsty Teen is the second one in... the one with the knee brace!
TWO... very delicious gyros.
I love gyros.
ONE... very long, hot day.
The Stern German's trying to look cheerful in spite of the heat and humidity. He looks like he's in pain
ZERO... the number of band members that passed out. They were able to wear shorts... no hot uniforms.

           ... and the number of times the Angsty Teen had to drop out of the parade!!!!
She did it... in spite of her concussed-ness and her knee. Yay!
Such a long, hot, sweaty day... but it was a good day.


  1. You couldn't have paid me to go to the state fair yesterday - TOO HOT! But, glad you all survived and enjoyed yourself :)

  2. Haha! Whatever, he does great photo bombs, I love it. Glad no one passed out!