Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Rest of the Story

Yesterday I told you about taking the Angsty Teen in for a consultation for the lump above her eye.
She's had that thing since she was less than a year old... but she has always loved it... or something.

She's made comments like:
"No one is cutting into my face." Yeah, that does sound kind of awful.
"That lump is my friend." No, you always had your two imaginary friends to play with... remember?
"It shades my eye." What?
"I like it." Why?
"No one notices it." Wrong... Teachers have called me because they think you have a tumor.
"I don't want to look like Uncle Mark." Yeah, well... I can understand that one. 

The Stern German's brother had a lump removed from the top of his balding head by a doctor that wasn't a specialist... he now has a large divot in his head. So, that's unfortunate.
Ever have the feeling that you married the right brother?
The Angsty Teen has fought me on this lump removal for years and years and years... Well, I rarely brought it up the past few years because I knew what her reaction would be like.

Our family doctor thought we should go in for a consultation. At the beginning of the appointment the nurse was making small talk with the Angsty Teen... and the nurse said, "Have you had driver's training yet?"

The Angsty Teen hesitated for a few seconds and replied tentatively, "No?"
I looked at the teen and said, "She asked if you'd had driver's training yet."
"Oh," replied the Angsty Teen, "yes!"

Later I asked her what she thought the nurse had asked her... She thought she'd been asked if she'd had drug training yet. Right... because that's a real thing.

The Angsty Teen said- and when you read this... read it fast and kind of spastic... that's a lot how she speaks, "
I just didn't know what she was asking me. I thought she had said drug training... and I thought... well, I had DARE back in 5th grade... is she talking about DARE? I don't think she is... because that was a long time ago. I didn't know what she was asking me... I thought I'd better just say no."

Yeah...  "Just say 'NO!'"
Maybe that's enough of the story for today. Tomorrow? Throwback Thursday... Angsty Teen style.

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